Friday, December 24, 2010

hohoho, merry christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, may hope all the wish come true~ this year i only stay at home facing fb and prepare to countdown with my dear, but since she just back from camp and tired so fall asleep..Then, i change my plan to countdown with other friends while text a msg to wish my dear..

Even SPM exam is over, but i feel more boring than last time..Everyday also stay at home sleep, fb and eat only, sobss >< Missing my friends so much and feel like wan to gather with them now~

ps : happy 9 month anni my beloved u forever, muackss<3

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sweep off the dust of my blog

I got few months didn't touch my blog adi, some more didn't go update and gossip people's blog and stuff ><

but i'm not gonna to blog much today..These few days feel so lonely and cold, can someone willing to teman me? sobss

ps : miss my dear so much, mua<3

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy 17teen Birthday..=.=

Sobz~so fast 1 more year and older le 1 year old..really bu she de bout my 16teen..After my 17teen birthday, many of my frends adi ejek and bomb me til teruk teruk in my facebook comment..especially my sei dong>> make me til speechless and dun wanna argue again le..Guess guess wat was i received as my 1st present??btw~thanks to my sei dongs oso the stupid bear bear~ forget my sad~

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finally Back...

Sorry everyone, cuz i din update my blog long time ago..i din online omost 1 month somemore.. Nvm~nw i adi back so wil update my blog soon..


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Present For Christmas Eve

ho ho ho~ Merry Christmas everyone...Wish all of u have a nice day n a sweet christmas.. ;-)

(1) 有听过圣诞老人的传说吗?从前有个勇敢的老人,在一个风雪交家的夜晚,他勇敢的在外面撒尿,结果把古古叫冻结了,只剩下两个蛋蛋,从那时候起,人们就称他为‘剩蛋老人’,早来的祝福: merry Xmas~

(2) * 聖誕節 快 到 ★ * ★ ★ * ★ *    ★    
  ★  ★ Merry X'mas      * ★    
& ‧°∴°﹒☆°.* ‘*  Happy Ne Year *  
★      ★      ‘* ★ *
把幸福傳給 唷 希望 喜歡~祝福 ~聖誕快樂~
順顺如意~健康快樂~願 的未來都是一帆風順~

│         │\|/
│ ●     ● │─☆─
│○ ╰┬┬┬╯ ○│/|\
│   ╰─╯   /

(3) 。 ° • 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛
。° 。 ° 。˚ ˛ • ˚ ˚ ˛
MERRY 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • •
。CHRiSTMAS 。 。° 。 ° ˛ ˚ ˛
_Π____ 。 ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •˛ •˚
/_____/ \。˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •˛ •˚
| 田田|門| ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ˚ ˚

Sunday, December 20, 2009

NTV7 十分红 Star Live Concert 2009

If I say dis is 1st time i go concert u believe or nt??lolx~of cuz Nope la..When yesterday i wake up, my sis suddenly cal and ask me whether wan to go concert tonight??That time I stil blur blur in dream, then ask her wat concert??Izzit Star Live or Raymond Lam de..After that, I tel her bout I want..She tel me gt 4 tickets and stil gt 1 place, so I quickly go ajak Wee Jam go wif me..Luckily he was free and teman me go..

I just skip bout afternoon and straight to the point la...

Finally wait til 7pm and go fetch Wee Jam go sad we hav to parking at CAR PARK F and walking to CAR PARK A for the concert..Although our zone is far away from the stage bt we stil can see clearly..then I chit chat wif Wee Jam til 8.30pm oli the concert have been start...penat betul >.<" sobz~ The 1st person come out is Richie~all people were start to get high include me n Wee Jam>>bla bla bla>>then is time for Eric 林健輝, he sing very well especially 我聽見有人叫你寶貝 n Wee Jam keep follow sing together...NICE~we adi stand for amost 4 hrs without sitting bt din regret when reach the last part by Kelly 陳慧琳, she sing many song to us include 希望, 记事本, 花花宇宙 and so on..We keep dance at there and feel lik in disco..XD After that, the concert was end and start to goin bak..We so surprise cuz stil gt a firework show..I very regret why don wan record and go take pic oli...aix=(

- tickets -

- finally start le - >.<

- wat the...i'm look damn weird - T.T

-fireworks show-NIC3~

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tagged by Heng Yee

A. You prefer :

1.Alcohol or Mineral Water : mostly mineral water lu..

2.Blue or Pink : Blue..cuz it is my 4th fav. colour

3.Hot Guys or Cool Guys : of cuz is hot guys la..XD

4.Good Looks or Brains : sure is both la

5.Taylor Swift or Taylor Lautner : Taylor Swift gua

6.Friends or Loved Ones : Friends 49% Loved Ones 51% =)

7."Baby" or "Honey" : of cuz Baby la..

B. Your/You kind of guy :

1.Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic : of cuz non-alcoholic..

2.Good or Bad : 95% good ^^

3.Brave or Cute : both gua..

4.Tall or Short : Tall~~

5.T-Shirt or Suite : prefer suite

6.Coat or Leather Jacket: both also can ba..cuz i din try before

7.Sunnies or Spectacles : prefer spectacles

8.Caring or Rich : duno wor..average ba~~

9.Kisses or Hugs : of cuz both wil go le..paiseh~~

10.Romantic ? nyahaha=) myself also duno leh..

C.Your/You kind of girl :

1.Cute or Pretty : anything lur..=]

2.Sweet or Caring: of cuz both la..

3.Sports or "Princess Candle" : "Princess Candle"?!

4.Surprises? : mayb ba..

5.Smile or Frown : 100% smile

6.Love Quotes or Love Poems : no idea

7.Computer Geek or Study Nerd : duno wor

8.SMS or MSN : both ;-)

9.Forever or Just For Fun : of cuz Forever lor..

10.Hangouts with Friends or Couple Date : no idea o..mayb hangout with friends le..=/

Your Daily Activities :
1.After Breakfast : watch tv & SMS

2.Before School: of cuz sleep la..dai lou~~morning session leh..

3.During School : study..chatting..sometime SMS? hohoho=)

4.After School : tv..tuition..and bla bla bla~~

5.Night: 100% sure SMS and listen song lu~~so enjoy o..

6.Midnight : sleep n dream bout people lu..

7.Holidays : of cuz hangout with friends and shopping~~yeah =)

Tag 10 people :
1. Wee Jam
2. Au Yong
3. Myiin
4. Jloh
5. Vanessa
6. Carmen
7. Chong Keat
8. Wai Man
9. Heng Yee ( tagged you back=] )
10. Xin Ci

1.What if 9 confesses that he/she likes you ?
Love you friend la =)

2.Will you go out for a couple date with 3 if he/she asks to ?
Of course bt she muz belanja de wor..^^

3.Is 7 single ?
I also duno...sometime i feel he is gay (silent pls)

4.Describe 1
CC?? kiddin^^ of cuz friendly and cute sei dong~~

5.Will you date 8 ?
maybe~~if she don mind la..=)

6.What is 2's nickname ?
Au Chan or Flat~~

7.What do you wish to tell 10 right now ?
Halo^^ my senior~~lolx

8.What is 5 good in ?
Gud in cheerleading??Am I rite??

9.If you were to do one thing to 4, what would it be?
Go out shopping la of sei dong leh~~

10.Have you seen 1 cried ?
Nope~we always laugh lik hell..wahaha=)

11.Is 2 crazy or geeky ?
Geeky ba..sometime make us laugh...Hao Yim~~

12.Will you hold 7's hand and walk around ?
Wat the...of cuz NO la~~

13.What do you think of 6 ?
Erm~hard to think wor...

14.Will you kiss 3 when there is only both of you in the park ?
Omg~kiss for ??

15.Is 8 sweet ?
Yup~i mean her blood la..can attract many mosquito (her name)

16.What is 9's hobby ?

17.Will you date 10 to a high class restaurant?
NOPE~no need so overstate le ba..

18.Is 5 fitted to be a maid?
not bad not bad...order her to help me to do things jkjk^^

19.When it started raining, who will you seek for an unbrella?
no cham T_T

20. Where would you go with 1 on a date? least hapi n enjoy jiu ok le...rite wee jam??